Yes, if you purchase three or fewer months before that release and notify us no greater than three months after the release.

No, this is expected. In Windows 10, you may receive the message “Windows protected your PC.” If so, select “More info” and then “Run anyway.” Or you might see the question, “Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device?” If so, select “yes.”

Not yet.

Possibly, but not natively. This means that the Windows operating system (OS) must be installed in the macOS using either Apple Boot Camp Assistant (shipped with your Macintosh) or virtualization software such as VMWare Fusion, Parallels Desktop, or Oracle VM VirtualBox. Most prefer using virtualization software rather than Boot Camp because virtualization software allows the Macintosh and Windows OSs to run side-by-side; whereas, Boot Camp requires booting into either the Macintosh or Windows OS. You can download a trial version of our games, as well as trials of the other software, and test before purchasing.

Yes, the games run on Windows 10 and earlier.