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A complete trial involving the examination and cross-examination of lay and expert witnesses from the perspective of both plaintiff and defendant.

A full-blown civil trial. It employs all forms of evidence including testimonial, documentary, and even computer generated reconstructions. The video game also engages you in direct and cross-examination, for both expert and lay witnesses. Here, the goal is to achieve the highest verdict for your client by your knowledge and skillful use of the rules of Evidence. The variations of play are in the billions.

“This is what Civil Litigators have been waiting for.”

– John Tredennick, Chairman, ABA Litigation Application
“Learn Evidence, trial skills subconsciously with Civil Objection! Civil Objection!! Has but one downfall, nonetheless, a drastic one: it is absolutely addicting. I installed it on my computer in minutes, and played it for hours. At the outset, you select the state whose body of evidence law you would like applied – pretty impressive. You are then whisked by extremely user friendly graphics and prompts into the opening argument, which the game generates for you. Then, the fun begins. The bottom line is that you can’t help but learn the rules of evidence in the most practical setting: the courtroom.”

– Brian E. Falvey – Editor-in-Chief, OBJECTION: THIS LEARNING TOOL IS TOO FUN
“Civil Objection!! takes you back to school… and the courtroom”
– Jeffrey J. Kroll, Chicago Lawyer Magazine

Features of Civil Objection!® Autoneg

  • Includes computer-generated reconstructions of the accident.
  • Covers Testimonial, Documentary, Demonstrative and Real Evidence.
  • Built-in Xplain feature that provides explanations, citations, cross references, and practice tips for each of the questions.
  • Hyperlinked to “Is it Admissible” treatise viewable within the game.
  • Strategic comments chalkboard provides comments and tips to help the player understand why questions should or should not be asked.
  • A complete trial including direct and cross-examination of lay and expert witnesses.
  • Greater specificity and detail to assure that major trial issues are covered.
  • Pick your state from all 50 states as well as D.C. and the Military Code of justice.
  • Entertaining sound and graphics.
  • Certified for CLE or MCLE credit in 19 states.

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