Courtroom Use and Misuse of Mathematics, Physics and Finance: Cases, Lessons and Materials

The first pedagogical casebook combining three important forensic disciplines.



As the first pedagogical casebook combining the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Finance and Law, this treatise is predicated on the notion that lawyers are ill-prepared to face a world dominated by numbers and the people who know how to distort and misrepresent them. The title of the book can be deceiving, particularly because it is designed to avoid the tedious topics and calculations which would typically fall under its headings. Moreover, the book is designed to take an important trio of crucial topics and spoon feed them to the people who need them the most but like them least — law students.

Many jokingly state that they became law students because they couldn’t handle numbers. A rude awakening, however, soon confronts them in practice, where numbers are the primary focus of their careers. Nearly every chapter of this book picture of a math teacher provides information that all lawyers must possess; some of the information is indispensable. We live in a scientific world, a digital world — one that is ruled by numbers, equations, formulas and statistics. The topics may seem complex, but the explanations are elementary and, at times, entertaining.

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