Classic Objection!®


The murder mystery that started it all.

Computer Licenses: One per computer


The murder mystery that started it all. The only way to save your client from execution is to get better and faster as you master the rules of Evidence. Variety of play is in the billions. Challenge is unlimited.

A Beverly Hills heiress was murdered and it’s your job to keep your client from the gas chamber by quickly recognizing the D.A.’s questionable questions, and the basis for your objection. Only skill and practice can advance you level by level as you master the rules of Evidence. Replay until you become an Evidence expert. Memorization won’t help; the variations of play are in the billions.

“If you like improving your legal skills while having fun at the same time, Objection!! is one MCLE course you should consider.”
– Philip Weber, Los Angeles Lawyer

Features of Classic Objection!®

  • Built-in Xplain feature that provides explanations, citations, cross references, and practice tips for each of the questions.
  • Hyperlinked to “Is it Admissible” treatise viewable within the game.
  • Strategic comments chalkboard provides comments and tips to help the player understand why questions should or should not be asked.
  • Greater specificity and detail to assure that major trial issues are covered.
  • Pick your state from all 50 states as well as D.C. and the Military Code of justice.
  • Entertaining sound and graphics.
  • Certified for CLE or MCLE credit in 19 states.
  • See if you can be one of the very few who make it all the way past level 8 and uncover the real killer.

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Lawyer, Student (no CLE & no upgrades)

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