Expert Witness! – Lawyer Edition Upgrade


The same excitement and variety

Computer Licenses: One per computer


The same excitement and variety of the other Objection!® games with all attention directed to the handling of experts.

Examining and cross-examining expert witnesses require a special set of skills. In keeping with the features and endless variations of play experienced in Objection!®, this game focuses all of its attention on experts.

“Sharpen the skills of your expert witnesses using a simulated courtroom training program, Expert Witness! from TransMedia. In addition to the authoritative “Xplain” feature, the program provides a chalkboard with strategic comments and tips to help the expert witness understand why questions should or should not be asked.” Sharpen Your Expert Witness Testimony – Lawyers Weekly USA

    • Learn thoroughly the four questions that must be asked of every expert witness.
    • Covers Testimonial, Documentary, Demonstrative and Real Evidence.
    • Built-in Xplain feature that provides explanations, citations, cross references, and practice tips for each of the questions.
    • Strategic comments chalkboard provides comments and tips to help the player understand why questions should or should not be asked.
    • A complete trial including direct and cross-examination of lay and expert witnesses.
    • Greater specificity and detail to assure that major trial issues are covered.
    • Relevant information from all 50 states as well as Military Code.

Entertaining sound and graphics.

  • Certified for CLE credit in 19 states.
  • Unique tutorials designed to guide the user through sample foundations for specific expert witness issues.


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