Is It Admissible?

Is It Admissible? provides a comprehensive instant access to answers to all questions involving the admissibility of every form of evidence.



Is It Admissible? provides a tabbed comprehensive evidence resource and set of instructions for admitting and opposing every conceivable type of evidence. This book is the source for the Xplanation feature of the Objection! series of videogames.

“This book claims to offer practical advice on how to propose and oppose virtually every form of evidence. It delivers on that promise … The style of writing is very conversational and explains complex evidence rules in straightforward prose.” –Excerpted from Legal Information ALERT

“Those who come to court with Ashley Lipson’s new handbook may have an edge in this battle of wits. Is it Admissible? offers concise, easy-to-find tips on keeping out, or getting in, controversial evidence and testimony.” –Excerpted from Lawyers Weekly USA

“I’ve been practicing law since 1986 and Is it Admissible? is by far one of the clearest, most cogent and useful tool[s] I’ve ever used.” –J. Frazier, GA

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